Tuesday, 17 August 2010

Article Published at Big Peace: "Ground Zero Mosque, Rotten Foundations"

Guest Post by Jeff Perren.

My article discussing the plan to build the so-called Ground Zero Mosque in Manhattan has been published at Big Peace.

Your feedback is invited - pro, con, or otherwise.

Thanks, Jeff


  1. Excellent post over at Crusader Rabbit:


  2. Wow, I learned a thing or two about redbaiter and KG. Good lesson, pitty I don't know their real names.

  3. pitty you can't spell, too.

    The lesson you learned is that simple abuse in response to a post won't be tolerated. Come as a bit of a shock, did it?

  4. It is clear that abuse is only allowed from one side KG. People like you have the potential to develop into something far more sinister, given the right circumstances.

    Did you notice how the initial post at the top did NOT get deleted?

  5. Who REALLY KNOWS who is behind an internet name?

    A sobriquet is not exactly a new concept.

  6. Hey Dinther, read my sobriquet.

  7. That's the last off-topic comment here--started, typically, by an anonymite.

    Either talk about Jeff's post, please, or take it elsewhere.

  8. PC, I'm not sure whether you invited this guest post just for balance but it's a million miles away from the creed of individual rights, personal freedom and limited interference in people's lives you normally advocate. He says "there’s no legal license to use one’s property to provide aid and comfort to the enemy," but the property belongs to the organisation who wants to build the mosque. American Muslims aren't the ones who flew planes into the WTC. Obama is right on this one - the Constitution protects freedom of expression and religion for everyone, including Muslims.

  9. @Kiwiwit, It's fair to say that Jeff and I don't agree on everything. Click the 'Ground Zero Mosque' tag if you want to see my own view.


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