Thursday, 19 November 2009


Attempting to compete with the Labour MPs’ Red Alert blog, which is genuinely engaging, National’s “communications team” have come up with a lame site of their own, called imaginatively National Party MPs. Yawn.

Unlike at Red Alert, where if you wish you can engage in intellectual combat with Labour’s MPs, at the ‘National Party MPs’ blog you can instead learn exciting revelations about Simon Bridges liking Hot Milk; that Craig Foss plays dress up; that Chris Finlayson like Art; and that Todd McLay looks like Boris Johnson

All this is hat tip Whale Oil by the way, since he’s the only one in the country likely to ever read the bloody thing, or want to. I certainly wouldn’t bother.

Oh, if you do visit even for a moment you can’t help but notice that little parliamentary crest appearing several times.  And you know what that means? It means you and I are paying for it.


  1. found it by accident this morning, embarassing is the word that springs to mind.

  2. Is this the best their so-called communications team could come up with? Lame is being kind. Makes Red Alert even more of a thrill, doesn't it. Honestly, National, a wasted opportunity. Why won't the Nats let the public engage with them online (outside of the static Facebook)?

  3. Hey guys

    Check out democracymum's new blog

  4. I just had a look and I have to say it evoked one of the strangest emotions I've ever had.

    I proceeded to laugh hysterically, yet at the same time feel incredibly tired and bored.

    And I swear I smelled mothballs.

    This emotion shall henceforth be named Hysterasleepymoth and I will use it to describe my feelings towards Tories.

  5. "intellectual combat with Labour’s MPs"

    I hope you are joking?
    You'd be better off flogging that dead horse


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