Thursday, 22 October 2009

Air New Zealand plays GrabAMurderer for laughs [updated]

The double standard of poster boys and propaganda continues (see here and here for earlier posts).

A while back Powershop featured “humorous” pictures of bloggers and media types dressed as that loveable rogue Che Guevara.  Oh, how we all laughed to see Russell Brown and Gordon Campbell dressed as the chap who imprisoned homosexuals, murdered his political enemies, and declared "A revolutionary must become a cold killing machine motivated by pure hate. We must create the pedagogy of the The Wall!" (And by “The Wall” he wasn’t meaning a Pink Floyd album, he was meaning something his revolutionary firing squads would put you against).

But how much laughter would there have been if Powershop had dressed them up as Brownshirts or SS Guards?  The free pass given to one particular breed of homicidal totalitarians continues.

And it continues today on Air New Zealand’s Grab-A-Seat website. I’m sure Air New Zealand wouldn’t countenance displaying a Nazi propaganda poster extolling “Blood, Soil and Sacrifice” and copies of Mein Kampf as an inducement to buy seats on their flights, but right there on their website exhorting you to fly the friendly skies to Hong Kong is this image ripped directly from a Maoist propaganda poster from the Cultural Revolution – you know, that fun time in China when thought police ruled and around 7,731,000 people were brutally murdered by for not following the diktats of Chairman Mao’s Little Red Book, which our peasant friend clutches to his breast:

Screen shot 2009-10-22 at 10.31.10 AM

Just the sort of image you’d expect a national airline to use to sell tickets to China today, wouldn’t you think? 

I’d say that somebody in their advertising department clearly needs shooting . . . but I might be misunderstood.

UPDATE: Liberty Scott spots another “anomaly.” If BNP kiwis are odious, because of their vile racist and anti-immigrant views, then why aren’t modern-day adherents to the ideology that killed over 100,000,000 people?

    “The NZ Herald has used the leaked list of BNP members to call on New Zealanders belonging to the party to "explain themselves".
    “The BNP is odious, but quite why people should be contacted and harangued by a journalist is questionable. Any cursory look at white supremacist forums will find New Zealanders posting on them, and the same with communist forums, or indeed most political persuasions.
    “However, would the New Zealand Herald do the same if it found New Zealand members of the far-left RESPECT Coalition, led by the odious George Galloway (who misses the Soviet Union and has publicly approved of both Saddam Hussein and Bashar al-Assad)?
    “Would it seek to find out if there are New Zealand members of the pro North Korean Revolutionary Communist Party of Great Britain (Marxist-Leninist?)
    “How about New Zealand's own Communist Workers' Party?
    “If not, why not?”

Those all seem like fair questions to me.  And I think we all know what the answers would be, no?

If you doubt it, then ask yourself why when Trevor Loudon is credited in the US Congress for helping bring down Obama’s communist side-kick Van Jones there’s nary a whisper out of NZ’s mainstream press, not a sign of the expected “Kiwi Brings Down Messiah’s Adviser” headlines. But when a BNP members’ list is leaked showing NZ members, no stone is unturned to track them down.


  1. Damn them, Hong Kong having NEVER been under Maoist rule.

    Methinks Gold Airpoints members can make feelings known appropriately.

  2. Is the point of all this that everyone offends too easily (e.g. offended by Nazism), or is it that people don't offend easily enough (e.g. not offended by Chairman Mao)?

    It seems to me that this argument has ceased being "stop being offended by Nazis", and has changed to "start being offended by Communists too"

    Isn't the better position - "STOP getting offended by both Communists and Fascists".

    Offense is, after all, a self-inflicted injury.

  3. I guess it's really twofold:

    1. "Treat all murderers as they deserve."

    2. "Stop with the double standard."

  4. The other odd thing about that site that I cannot for the life of me understand, is that seats to Palmerston North have sold out.

  5. Tim, just imagine they showed a German holding Mein Kampf.

    Got the picture?

  6. The publicly listed company is going about their core business - trying to do make a buck for their shareholders. Don't like it - don't fly AIR or hold their paper.

    Can we move on to the next outrage now?

  7. Ruth
    Yes, true, I won't be flying Air NZ anytime soon, but you can be sure that they will know why I won't.


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