Saturday 24 February 2024

"Why doesn’t Hamas surrender?"

"Some naïve questions are clarifying in their naïvete. As an example of the latter: Why doesn’t Hamas surrender?
    "And, relatedly, why aren’t more people demanding that Hamas surrender? ...
    "Its war aim is not democracy or civil rights for Palestinians but to destroy Israel and establish an Islamist state — an objective as patently illegitimate as Russian President Vladimir Putin’s bid to erase and Russify Ukraine, another recognized member of the United Nations.
    "At this point, Hamas’s war is not only unjust but also pretty clearly doomed. ...
    "There is legitimate debate, of course, regarding the lawfulness and proportionality of Israel’s military operation, notwithstanding the dilemmas that Hamas’s use of human shields imposes on Israeli forces. ... Even those who deny the sincerity or efficacy of [Israeli efforts to minimise harm to civilians] must acknowledge that Hamas doesn’t try at all.
    "To put the burden on Israel to end the war is to forget that there was an agreed-upon cease-fire between the Jewish state and Hamas before Oct. 7. ... Having started this war, Hamas should end it. ...
    "The essence of the matter is: Hamas does not surrender because it believes, fervently, that Israel has no right to exist and that armed “resistance” to it, even at the terrible human cost currently being paid by both Israelis and Palestinians, is justified.
    "That belief is accepted, or at least not fundamentally challenged, by many on college campuses, social media and elsewhere who are demanding, in effect, that Israel surrender. Talk about na
~ Charles Lane, from his column 'If Hamas really cared about Palestinian lives, it would surrender'


Duncan Bayne said...

I'm seriously considering printing a QR code link to this article and carrying it around, so I can show it to anyone who mentions a ceasefire.

MarkT said...

The shorthand version you could rattle off quickly without referring to an article could be that there can only possibly be peace, and/or Palestine can have a crack at being free once Hamas is destroyed - because Hamas by its own admission want neither peace nor freedom.

oneblokesview said...

It would appear that the Washington Post article is baised on a naive belief that Hamas started the current war (at a wim).

Some research from reputable historians would show that this conflict started some years ago and neither side can escape the "terrorism" labels.

Palestine/Gaza was about to be isolated by the Trump sourced accords between Israel and its Arab neigbours. Hence the October the 7th trigger point.

Desperate times require desperat measures. Hamas knew that a military attack on Israel/IDF would trigger an overwhelming response that would capture the headlines around the world.
This would be further fuelled by Netanyahu who is fighting for political survival and to stay out of Jail.

There has been enormous amounts of propoganda from both sides pushing the relevant narratives. Slowly, very slowly, fact is emerging from the clouds of fiction.
Especially the Israeli PR departments refernce to wontanly killing babies and disembowling pregnant women etc etc.

In my experience of such conflicts (fatal events) mainstream media in a desperate attempt to stay ""relevant"" as well as generating clickbait headlines, rush to print without careful analysis of fact verses fiction.

Anonymous said...

Why doesn't Israel surrender?

Anonymous said...


Omer Bartov can be credited to be the first to come up with the G slur at the Oct 7 war. Which explains why longtine Israelophobe C. Amanpour promoted his rhetoric on Nov 15, 2023, and she anxiously asked him when the G word can already/finally be applied. That was long before Gaza's 'dead baby strategy' human-shields en-masse Hamas Jihadofascist regime sent it's allies in South African government to file at ICJ.


On July 25, 2014 racist Francesca Albanese (who recycled antisemitic tropes in 2014 [TOI, 14.12.22; UNWatch, 6.2.23], her husband worked for Palestinian Authority [UNWatch, 29.3.22] and in 2023 had justified Arab Palestinian Oct 7 atrocities [NRO, 12.2.24]), uttered the PallyWeid G slur, by pushing dishonest sloppy "historian" [Benny Morris, 17.3 11] and inventor of fake quotes [Dexter Van Zille 24.2.12] and bigot [ADL, 14.5.07] Ilan Pappe's garbage.

Anonymous said...

All you needed to know about twisted mind of "author"/propagandist racist Gilbert Achcar.

On Hamas’s October Counter(sic)-Offensive
Gilbert Achcar
"..Gaza’s latest counter-offensive brings indeed to mind the 1943 Warsaw Ghetto Uprising."

Nevermind his phrasing of the atrocities on civilians as "counter", but the sick glorification and belittling the Holocaust by such a terrible comparison is beyond justification.