Thursday 8 February 2024

"It's good to hear the story from both sides"


"These are the most common arguments that pop up ... when people criticise the upcoming interview: 1) 'It's good to hear the story from both sides'. 
    "In this case, the 'other side' is a genocidal warmonger who even killed hundreds of his own people to justify a war in Chechnya. Putin can provide his perspective at the Hague. "


Phil s said...

Yes. Hearing from the other side is the only way a reasonable person can behave. To listen to Western mainstream media is to subscribe to an utterly biased view of the world.
When I asked my father why he subscribed to Pravda in nz in the 70s he replied. “ just to hear what the other side is saying “

Tom Hunter said...

Oh Pffft.... I've regarded Putin as a KGB thug from day one and I've certainly fully supported the Ukrainians in their fight with him.

But in 2009 I saw Obama and Hillary Clinton indulge in a vomit-inducing display as they "Reset" relations with Putin and Russia after that nasty Mr Bush had caused him to attack former Soviet states.

Then there was the hidden mike comment from Obama in 2012 about "passing on the message to Vladimir" that Obama would be more "flexible" after the election

And the MSM was right there with their precious Democrats...

Is this a Trump effect? You can oppose him without sucking up this Democrat-MSM manufactured outrage crap.

MarkT said...

Weird comment Tom. Why do you interpret this post as forgiving of Democrats, or even critical of Trump for that matter? Isn't it about Putin and nobody else? And if we agree the MSM often, or even mainly get it wrong; does that mean they always get it wrong, and is the fact it's coming from the MSM enough to dismiss it?

Tom Hunter said...

Weird comment Tom.

Not if you're aware of the full-court press that the US Left has made against Tucker Carlson in the last year. Let me just bullet-point it:

- No. 1 talking head on Fox News whose segment became a must-watch for the Right and which caused US Left-Democrat-MSM hatred to rise against him to toxic levels over the last few years, especially with the arrival of Trump on the scene and Tucker's frequent defence of his policies.

- The settlement of FoxNews with Dominion for some $120 million IIRC, followed quickly by Tucker's ousting at Fox, leading to gleefully orgasmic meltdowns on the Left (and segments of the GOP too).

- The endless Left-Democrat-MSM attacks on his new forum at X-Twitter, to add to the hate fest on Musk for foiling one of their platforms of narrative control.

- Combined with the hate-fest on Putin that started around 2015/16 and ramped up to new levels after Hillary lost and needed someone to blame. Bye bye "reset", hello Russian Collusion.

You can thus see how all this hate comes together in one glorious combination: Putin + Tucker + Musk's platform. I must admit that it's glorious to watch.

Oh, and although those of us who studied Putin for the last twenty years knew of his obsessive history of Mother Russia, one of the good outcomes of this interview was to see it on full display and understand that, as paranoid as some of it is, it's the standard history education for Russian school kids and has been for years.

I've learned things I didn't learn from all the other softball interviews of Putin that have been conducted over the years by US MSM figures, none of whom were threatened with de-platforming as a result.