Monday 20 November 2023

"The challenges facing the new Government ... are ... acute."

"A Government’s legacy is defined by its accomplishments when it leaves office, not by what is written about it at the outset. ... good intentions count for nothing. It is achievements and results that matter. ...
    "The challenges facing the new Government ... are ... acute. There is no point in incremental reform when ... half of our students do not attend school regularly and a similar proportion cannot read and write at an adult level.
    "Incremental reform is not enough when hospitals have long waiting lists and people have difficulty registering with doctors.
    "It is not enough to make incremental reforms when gangs and retail crime plague our inner cities.
    "All these social and economic ills require more than small steps. They require root and branch reform.
    "Future historians will judge the new Government by its results. The new government will only be deemed successful if it fundamentally turns this country around."

~ Oliver Hartwich, from his column 'Reform or Transform?'

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