Monday 6 November 2023

"Does that mean the annhilation of Israel?" "Yes, of course." [updated]


Hamas's "useful idiots" were out in Auckland's Domain over the weekend. In a month or so, they will be in Parliament. 

"Useful fool" was Lenin's phrase for his western dupes -- those shallow thinkers in the West whom the Communists manipulated.

On the weekend's evidence, the Green Party of Aotearoa New Zealand is officially Hamas's useful fools.

Let me give you some context.

On Saturday's pro-Palestine rally, Labour's Phil Twyford was granted a speaking spot by organisers, the NZ Palestine Solidarity Network. He condemned the violence. But he made the mistake of condemning Hamas's violence as well as the IDF's. The crowd turned on him, organisers asked him to leave, he was booed off, and without a police guard his escape from the grounds would not have been guaranteed.

Immediately after -- immediately -- the increasingly shrill Chloe Swarbrick got up to speak. She began by making "absolutely clear," in front of a gaggle of cheering new Green MPs and co-leader Marama Davidson, that "just after what we've witnessed, I want to say strongly, clearly and vehemently, the Green Party of Aotearoa New Zealand stands for a free Palestine.... From the river to the sea, Palestine" she chanted, "will be free."

"Free free Palestine!" they shouted. "Free free Palestine!" they chanted. But I have a question: Free Palestine? From what? for what? of what? of whom

"It's not complicated," shouted Swarbrick.

And it's actually not.

In the end, what really matters is what matters to Hamas, who rule the geographically-western strip of Palestine, their launchpad for their attacks on October 7th. And all the fools, tools and useful idiots should be absolutely clear what Hamas's own "Leader Abroad" Khaled Mashal means by "freeing" Palestine, about with he is abundantly clear. For him, it is not at all complicated. Speaking from the safety of his multi-million dollar apartment in Qatar, he makes it absolutely plain of whom he wants Palestine to be freed:

" ... We will repeat the October 7 massacre time and again, one-million times if we need to, until we end the occupation. 

Q: "Occupation where, of the Gaza strip?"

No, I am talking about all the Palestinian lands.

Q: "Does that mean the annihilation of Israel? 

"Yes, of course."


All the way from the river -- that's the whole Jordan Valley on the east-- right down to the Mediterranean Sea on the west.


From the river to the sea.


Just to be absolutely, pellucidly clear here .. it cannot be Gaza of which they say "the Israeli occupation" must end. Because rightly or wrongly Israel stopped occupying Gaza 18 years ago,


Libertyscott said...

I've not a lot of time for Twyford usually, but that scene was chilling. A mob, clearly cheering on a pogrom. What other acts of terrorism will they cheer on? Would they only cheer on ones against Israel? Would they cheer on ones against Western countries? Would they cheer on ones against the incoming government most of them probably didn't support?

More importantly, why isn't this headline news that a local MP talks to a mob in a VERY generous, even-handed way, in the language used by the outgoing government no less, is hounded to shut up and leave the people cheering on bloodshed to keep cheering for destruction of another country?

Peter Cresswell said...

His naivety too, to assume even his miild moral relativism would be accepted by that mob.

Nigel said...

Shrill is the word. In that "speech" Chloe is just full of hate. All the charm of a wannabe dictator with what seems to be deep psychological issues.

Faversham said...

I initially regarded Ms Swarbrick as a akin to many student politicians who are adept at adopting an idea without pondered thought. I now detect that she is fully aware of her motives and directs her abilities, such as they are, to promoting discord and hate! In the past five months I have worked at a university in Western Australia and I note that the vociferous students who championed the "Yes" vote recently are the same ones now yelling in support of Hamas/Palestine without discerning the difference between them.