Thursday 16 November 2023

"Attempting to defend Israel on ancestral or biblical grounds will not work...."

"The right of Jewish people to establish and maintain the state of Israel between the Jordan River and the Mediterranean Sea is based not on their ancestral roots in the region—nor on the story of God granting the land to Abraham—but on the fact that Israel is essentially a rights-respecting nation. 
    "This is what legitimises Israel’s existence. This is what justifies its use of retaliatory force against those who attack its citizens and residents. This is the principle by which Israel and its supporters are morally good, and Hamas and its supporters are evil. 
    "Attempting to defend Israel on ancestral or biblical grounds will not work. Why? Because collectivism—including racism—is false, and because God doesn’t exist and thus can’t grant anything to anyone. 
    "Why make a big deal of this? Because human lives and the existence of Israel are at stake, and because facts are stronger than falsehoods and fiction."


17 questions for those protesting for Palestine, including:

1. Do you think Israel has the right to exist?

3. If so, what is the right response of any sovereign state to being invaded by a group that engages in a sadistic slaughter of your people and takes hostages?

4. If [not], what do you want done to the people in Israel who live within those boundaries?

8. Do you believe Hamas will miraculously abide by the ceasefire you are now calling for, when the last time it was under a ceasefire, it invaded Israel and slaughtered over 1,000 civilians? If so, why?

9. When Hamas next breaks a ceasefire, what should Israel do in response?

10. When Hamas shelters underneath hospitals, schools and homes, and uses those shelters to prepare munitions, to plan further attacks and hold hostages, what should be the right response to it?

11. If Israel withdrew (again) from Gaza, and opened the sea and airspace to Hamas, do you think it would build Gaza into a city of peace and prosperity where Palestinians could thrive, or would it use it as a staging post to wage war against Israel? What has history taught about this since 2007?

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