Friday, 27 January 2023

Watch out for his woggle

"Chris Hipkins is copping the standard new PM honeymoon treatment from the media, albeit somewhat muted. It won’t last and [his] government will be thrashed in October. The only thing which can save it is World War 3 breaking out. Chris massively fails an all-important test I originated in the highly politicised mid 1970s, this after Bill Rowling inherited the office following Kirk’s death, namely no-one could ever be elected as PM if one could imagine him in a scout master’s uniform."
~ Bob Jones, from his post 'Political Imagery'

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MarkT said...

I can not only easily imagine him as a scout master, but also a scout. Or a member of the Hitler Jugend. I don’t put too much reliability on this because imagination is not an indicator of reality, even if you’re a rational person. But there is the possibility it’s a subconscious warning sign grounded in reality that should at least put you on alert.