Tuesday, 8 November 2022

Spring Songs


No longer winter, not quite summer, still a bit unsettled, but drinks on the deck are getting more comfortable ... so what do you play to best evoke the essence of spring. Here are some of the best spring-related songs going around for your relaxed spring listening.

Nina Simone - It Might as Well be Spring

Benny Goodman - Swingtime in the Rockies 

Flaming Lips  - Can't Stop the Spring

Go Betweens - Spring Rain 

Gary Shearston - The Springtime it Brings on the Shearing 

Don McGlashan + David Guerin - Rain  

Gustav Mahler - The Drunkard in Spring

Stravinsky - Rites of Spring

Ed Kuepper - Electrical Storm

John Butler Trio - Spring to Come

Hello Sailor - Fugitive for Love 

Jimmy Cliff  - I Can See Clearly Now

 Vivaldi - 'Spring'  

Donovan - Lullaby of Spring

Roger Eno + Brian Eno - Spring Frost  

Brian Eno - On Some Faraway Beach 

Belle + Sebastian - Lazy Line Painter Jane

Lou Reed - Crazy Feeling 

Antenna - Come on Spring

Magnet - Maypole  

Richard Wagner - "Winter Storms Have Vanished" (Siegmund's Spring Song)

Richard Wagner - "You Are the Spring" (Sieglinde's Spring Song) 

Duke Ellington + Coleman Hawkins - Limbo Jazz 

Lester Young + Oscar Peterson - Sunny Side of the Street

Graham Parker - Watch the Moon Come Down 

Thin Lizzy - Little Girl in Bloom

Wire - Playing Harp for the Fishes

Don McGlashan - John Bryce 

Uri Caine Ensemble - Song of the Earth: Drunkard in Spring

Estelle Perrault - You Must Believe in Spring

Benny Goodman Sextet - Gone with What Wind

Vaughan Williams - The Lark Ascending 

Richard Strauss - 'Frühling'

Greig - 'Morning Mood' (Peer Gynt Suite)

Schubert - 'Fruhlingstraum' (Winterreise)

Schubert - 'Im Frühling'

Sibelius - 'Kevankay' (Spring Version)

Joseph Suk - Spring Idyll

Debussy - 'Rondes des Printemps'

Bjarte Engeset - 'Rustle of Spring'

Beethoven - Sonata #5 for Piano + Violin  

Greig - 'Last Spring' 

Tchaikovsky - April: Lily of the Valley  

Red Garland Trio - Spring Will Be a Little Late this Year

Wynton Marsalis - April in Paris

Dave Brubeck Quartet - Strange Meadow Lark

Massimo Farao Trio - Spring Will Be a Little Late this Year

Duke Ellington + John Coltrane - In a Sentimental Mood

Nina Simone - Another Spring

What would you add to the playlist (which will, I expect, be changing over the day) ?  

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