Monday 28 November 2022

Six Waters


It began as ‘Three Waters’, the government‘s plan to centralise the processing of the ‘three waters’ of stormwater, drinking water and sewerage.

And then it became Five Waters, with the late and stealthy/shambolic addition to the legislation of coastal and geothermal waters.

And now, late last week, long after submissions and discussion on the legislation was all but over, and the Bill was being rushed through Parliament, another addition was made — a plan to entrench the new setup in law by requiring the decision of a parliamentary super-majority to ever overturn it. An abuse of power about which even constitutional lawyers are horrified.

So it was Three Waters. Then it was Five Waters. And now, with this it’s become Six Waters. Why six? Because they’re now taking the piss.

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Peter Cresswell said...

Hat tip for the quip to Andrew Bowman.