Thursday, 17 November 2022

"Many so-called climate change activists are not really concerned about the climate and the environment. No, for them, these are merely instruments in the fight against capitalism."

"The thesis that many climate activists and supporters of a Green New Deal are less concerned with the environment than with exploiting this issue to abolish capitalism and introduce a planned economy is by no means a malicious insinuation. Rather, the climate activists themselves admit it. You just have to read what they write and listen to what 'activists' like Greta Thunberg are saying....
    "For the last three years, Greta Thunberg has said that her life’s purpose was to save the world from climate change. Now she told an audience in London that climate activists must overthrow 'the whole capitalist system,' which she says is responsible for 'imperialism, oppression, genocide… racist, oppressive extractionism.' The 'activists' of the doomsday cult 'Last Generation' also say quite openly that their goal is the abolition of capitalism.
    "Examine the standard work of anti-capitalist climate change activists, and you will quickly see what I mean.... To anti-capitalists, climate change activism is just a pretext for an authoritarian 'planned' economy."

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