Tuesday, 15 November 2022

But the principles that made the RMA suck will all still stay the same ...

In 1995 when I returned to NZ I called for the RMA to be abolished -- saying it represented the worst abuse of property rights since the war.

In 2004 I argued it needed a stake through its heart -- calling it an act of cruelty to property owners.

And on its 25th year anniversary of fucking up this place I said it should be euthanased -- paraphrasing a great writer to observe that, after a quarter-century of the productive being forced to seek permission from the unproductive in order to produce, with barely a word raised in opposition to that iniquity, then we might reflect that our culture may be doomed.

And today ... it's announced that legislation to "replace and repeal" it will be "introduced and passed" by Christmas. By Christmas! This Christmas!!

So I should be happy, right? RIP to the RMA, right?

Except ... please note: This is not actually abolition. It's certainly not a stake through the heart. On closer examination, it looks to be (in the words of one tweeter), "taking out the worst parts of the RMA & putting it into a new bill & calling it a success." 

In other words, yet another politicians' chocolate-coated turd -- as I described National's proposed RMA reforms six years ago.

According to environment minister David Parker there will be "stronger recognition of Te Tiriti o Waitangi and te ao Māori were important considerations in the new act[s]." And if we listen to deputy PM Grant Robertson we're promised that the three "replacement" pieces of legislation will constitute (he says) “a faster, cheaper, better” version of the RMA. An RMA with racing stripes, if you like -- with more politicisation, more centralisation, more say over iwi leaders over land that isn't theirs; along with all the same difficulties you've already come to know and despise, and all of it backed with the mana, authority and credibility earned by the Jacinda Ardern govt in its two terms of office.

In short: a change of name; and three Acts instead of one. But the principles that made that Act suck will all still stay the same ...

And still no place for property rights.


Mark Hubbard said...

Crikey, The Free Radical: that's a nice walk down memory lane.

Libertyscott said...

Party that thinks the answer to a problem is either more of their government or more power given to their supporters (unions or Iwi) doesn't believe in property rights, shocker.