Wednesday, 31 August 2022

"Medicalising mental health was a tragic error."

"Medicalising mental health was a tragic error.
    "It falsely taught people that emotions are solely the result of physical factors — i.e., brain chemistry.
    "With regard to your psyche, your character and your soul, the psychiatric industry turns you into a ward of the pharmaceutical industry — or a ward of the State....
    "In reality, emotions are the result of a long accumulation of choices, ideas, assumptions, hidden premises, values and so many other things.
    "Yes, we are brain chemistry. But we are so much more. And to date, science has refused to investigate how our choices and ideas determine our brain chemistry. Instead, 'science' assumes that brain chemistry determines all thoughts, choices and behaviour. This premise is never questioned, never explored, never investigated. In psychiatry, 'follow the science' means 'follow the drug companies.' And also follow the government, who funds most of the research ... and therefore now controls most of the doctors who administer it.
    "If you’re looking for a reason not to have to work for your mental health, then the psychiatric industry is there, waiting for you."
          ~ Dr Michael Hurd, from his post 'Medicalizing the Soul'

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