Tuesday, 2 August 2022

"If a nation of engineers like Germany can’t make renewables work ... nobody can"

"Aussie PM Anthony Albanese [is] testing to destruction the fallacy that renewable energy can reduce power bills [as news comes that] 'Electricity prices rose to their highest on record – and the nightmare is set to continue'...
    "[The] Prime Minister’s response to this crisis is to stand by his modelling that renewables will bring down power prices. But even if renewables were capable of bringing down power prices, which they aren’t, by staying the course [the] PM is condemning ordinary Australians to years of excruciating electricity bills.
    "Remembers those coal plants various Aussie governments celebrated shutting down? Any of them could have taken the edge off today’s spiralling energy prices.
    "Remember those nuclear plants Australia refused to consider building? Nuclear plants are immune from short term price fluctuations, they only have to be refuelled every two years, and the next batch of fuel can be prepared ahead of time, ready for use. Australia has vast reserves of Uranium.
    "The one thing that won’t save [Australians] is renewables. If a nation of engineers like Germany can’t make renewables work, if Germany can’t sever their dependency on Russian gas through all the billions they have invested into renewables, nobody can."

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