Thursday, 11 August 2022

Grammarly: Government Edition

Need help with your political spin? Unable to properly prevaricate under pressure? Unsure how to redefine your words to help properly fudge them? Then has the trusted app Grammarly got news for you: 
“Whether you want to spin your way out of a recession, walk back your support of rioters, or simply rile up your donor base, Grammarly offers helpful suggestions to make your political messaging as murky as you need."

Think it's a joke? 

All the video's definitional changes are from real-life examples. For instance: A recession, long defined as two consecutive quarters of negative growth, is now something more subtle and complicated, only to be defined years after the fact by special experts. “Infrastructure,” which most people think of as roads, bridges, etc., now includes the green new deal, with tons of solar/wind subsidies. And of course views that were moderate, centrist, or even libertarian a couple of decades ago are now dangerous right-wing extremism.

An announcement about an Aotearoa Government Edition has already been announced. 

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