Thursday, 19 May 2022

'Say "No!" to Fiscal Child Abuse'


"Deficit spending, funded by borrowing, will have implications for the youngest in society. An unbalanced budget has to be funded, and if this is funded by additional borrowing, then future generations will bear the burden of paying off the debt. This is 'fiscal child abuse'...”
    “A responsible political party and government would, at the very least, balance the budget ... Instead, [they] fund a series of deficits by borrowing, thereby mortgaging the lives of future generations."
          ~ Julian Darby, from his 2009 press release 'Say "No!" to Fiscal Child Abuse'


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Richard McGrath said...

And if the lives of these future generations are mortgaged in this fashion, eventually the borrow-and-spend governments will realise they have to keep these young people enslaved, by stopping them from taking their wealth abroad, or perhaps even by stopping them from leaving the country.