Wednesday, 13 April 2022

"A picture is not an argument" -- Global Warming Edition

"National Public Radio (NPR) recently published a largely pictorial article, titled “Meet 5 women documenting the effects of climate change around the world,” composed of photographs taken by women that supposedly, 'highlight climate change.' In reality, what these women covered in dramatic photographs are the impacts of civil strife, government corruption, and natural weather events, on communities, not harms of human-caused climate change.
    "The article suggests that extreme weather is worsening globally, impacting different communities in different tragic ways. Even the International Panel on Climate Change disagrees with this fundamental point, and a comprehensive analysis of the IPCC data on extreme weather by the Global Warming Policy Foundation’s Ralph Alexander, Ph.D., concludes that 'Careful examination of the actual data reveals that if there is any trend in weather extremes, it is downward rather than upward.'
    "Data show that climate related deaths are way down worldwide in recent decades compared to the past, shown in the image below. 

  "[... ]Taking pictures of people in distress after severe weather events, then attributing their suffering to man-made climate change is uninformed at best, and cruel exploitation at worst. The impact of natural disasters globally can be reduced in developing countries as they have in the developed world through human innovation, adaptation, and economic growth. The harms resulting from war and government corruption have nothing to do with climate change and won’t be solved by cutting carbon dioxide emissions. Directing focus away from the real causes of human struggles in at-risk regions of the world serves no one but the journalists in pursuit of accolades from the like-minded mainstream media for pursuing the progressive political cause of expanding government control to fight supposed climate change."
~ Linnea Lueken, from her post 'NPR Wrongly Blames Climate Change for Suffering Caused by Civil War, Corruption, and Weather'

“I hold that the picturist method of resolving disputes is espistemologically corrupt; .... it makes reaching a conclusion on a contested subject not easier, but literally impossible.
    “I do not object to pictures used merely as illustrations, after it has been made clear that the pictures have no evidentiary significance. What I object to is pictures used cognitively, in an abstract discussion, i.e., pictures used to try to solve, or even help solve, a problem in philosophy or politics. A picture used in such a manner represents the antithesis of thought, of logic, of rational argumen
t." ~ philosopher Leonard Peikoff
A Picture is Not an Argument #QotD - NOT PC

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