Wednesday, 3 November 2021

"GreenMageddon is no hyperbole." #COP26

Data on disaster deaths come from EM-DAT, CRED / UCLouvain, Brussels, Belgium (D. Guha-Sapir)
"GreenMageddon is no hyperbole. It’s is the virtually certain outcome of attempting to purge CO2 emissions from a modern energy system and economy that literally breathes and exhales fossilised carbon. Indeed, the very idea of converting today’s economy to an alternative energy respiratory system is so far beyond rational possibility as to defy common sense."
           ~ David Stockman, from his post 'GreenMageddon, Part Five'


"While climate catastrophists claim that our climate is less livable than ever because of fossil fuels, it is actually more liveable than ever thanks to our fossil-fuel powered climate protection..."
    Climate Crisis - Energy Talking Points

"The upcoming UN Climate Conference, COP 26, is a continuation of the celebrated "Paris Climate Accords." But these accords required, among many other evils, the senseless sacrifice of America."
    Paris Climate Accords - Energy Talking Points

The only practical way to lower global CO2 emissions is to encourage innovation that could make low-carbon energy cheap for everyone. 
    CO2 Emissions - Energy Talking Points 

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