Wednesday, 20 October 2021

Get behind it!


In a bipartisan (and utterly surprising announcement yesterday, four MPs from opposite sides of the House* announced that any government in which they play a part will, within ten months, allow any land owner to build on that land three houses of up to 11m each WITHOUT A RESOURCE CONSENT -- and will be legislating to ensure councils don't fuck it up.

This is astonishing...**

* * * * 

* * * * 

... so astonishing that, for the first time in my life***, I congratulated a bunch of politicians!

Yes, there are risks...

... but even planners are excited (though sober)!

* * * * 

Even Green Party people are excited (I think)...

Oddly, the only one not publicly excited is ACT's David Seymour who said, on behalf of his Epsom constituents, that many of them had bought in expectation of the rules in their leafy streets remaining the same; and that if Gummint relaxes rules on housing then Gummint should pay for the increased infrastructure required. 

But (as David knows) these are not genuine objections.

* * * * 

* Megan Woods (LAB), Nicola Willis (NAT), David Parker (LAB) and Judith Collins (NAT).

** Not as astonishing as what I first heard however, which is that any land owner could build on that land three houses of up to 11m each WITHOUT ANY CONSENT WHATSOEVER! 




  1. Were there pics with those placeholders?

    And do you really think the treaty partners will not have her indoors over the barrel? The mooted law changes will contain much more brownmail such as veto rights.


  2. When I watched the announcement I thought of you jumping with joy, and smiled. A very welcome break in the clouds!

  3. Pardon my ignorance but to what does the 11m refer?


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