Wednesday, 4 August 2021

The Covid-exit plan "is less of a roadmap, than a sketch of what a happy journey might look like"

"Australian PM Scott Morrison is under pressure from a Delta Covid outbreak that just won’t go away and a vaccination programme which – what shall we say – lacks urgency.
    "So it’s the right time to bring out a bold long-term plan for re-integrating Australia into the modern world.
    "But the plan is less of a roadmap, than a sketch of what a happy journey might look like....
    "New Zealand’s leadership – with the benefit of seeing Scott Morrison’s leap into the shark tank – are due to announce their own Covid exit strategy later this week. Having evaded Australian levels of criticism despite failing to achieve Australian levels of vaccination – NZ’s 35.8 doses per 100 residents lags Australia’s 48.1, and indeed Peru (39.8) and Russia (42.9) – they might hope that their luck will continue to hold.
    "Equally, the government could take note of Morrison’s experience and use the opportunity to put some drive into the vaccination process..."

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  1. The adherence to flogging a 'vaccination plan' omits any attention to the value of antiviral/vitamin cocktails as used by poorer nations looking for 'bang for the buck'. Nor is the experience of Sweden worth any attention in a world hypnotized by WHO proclamations around keeping people away from sunshine and outdoor exercise. Nothing has been learned since the Boer conflict when Florence Nightingale addressed those sources of free disinfectant ( sunshine ) and lessened airborne contamination.


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