Monday, 2 August 2021

'Has Aoteanomics Become Labour's Plan for NZ?'

"The Head of the Productivity Commission has just announced his disdain for GDP. He says it 'is not a great measure of anything useful' and blames the profit-oriented shareholder model for our society’s ills. Even though it forms the basis of wealth creation in this nation.
    "The Reserve Bank is backing him. As for the Climate Change Commission, had it cared about both the environment and economic growth, it would’ve advocated for carbon taxes with the revenues being used to cut other tax rates. But it didn’t. Furthermore, the keynote address at the NZ Association of Economists 2021 Conference by the Ministry of Primary Industries’ Chief Economist called for a 'systemic transition' to a new 'holistic,' 'post-growth,' 'doughnut' approach to management of the country’s affairs.
    "The keynote gave this new approach a name. Aoteanomics. What is it? A full blown rejection of the idea that [economic] growth is desirable. And it is way more radical and experimental than Rogernomics ever was. So why won’t the PM and Finance Minister come clean to the nation about the new post-growth agenda that’s the talk of the Wellington elite?"
          ~ Robert MacCulloch, from his post 'Has Aoteanomics Become Labour's Plan for NZ?'

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paul scott said...

It seems to take twelve months or more to collect everything together and get out of New Zealand.