Wednesday, 5 May 2021

"it does NOT matter even if the science is right"

"To make something clear, it does NOT matter even if the science is right.
    "A doctor is right when he informs someone that repeatedly ingesting large quantities of sugary drinks is bad for their health and should be avoided. But a gestapo of portion-police using force against businesses for selling quantities larger than a number bureaucrats decreed 'too much' may be using the science as justification, however, their actions are not based on the science. The force used to establish a must doesn't necessarily follow from every informed should or is....
    "The leaps people make from 'is' to 'should' to a state enforced 'must' are often done by haphazardly skipping across the surface of philosophy like a stone on a lake, without any concern for the depth of thought required to get to a justifiable use of state force."

          ~ Mark Conway Munro

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