Thursday, 11 March 2021

On the pack-hunting behaviour of political journalists ...

"Why do they act this way?
    "My pop psychologist view has always been the same.
    "As a general proposition the Press Gallery personnel are reasonably bright people. Conversely, many politicians ain't too smart.
    "By the time the journos reach say their late thirties, they’ve woken to the fact that what seemed a glamorous career back in their teens, is anything but. Poorly paid they find themselves mere reporters of other lesser mortals who are now prominent decision makers.
    "The result is envy and thus the blood-lust to pull down the politicians they’d created a mythology of wonderfulness about....
    "The criticisms now being levelled at the government and the Prime Minister in particular, could have and should have been made months ago.
    "History shows once the media posture turns, eventually the public follows."
          ~ Bob Jones, from his post 'The pack-hunting political media'

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