Thursday, 10 October 2019

An affront to democracy

I hear many commentators across all their media bemoaning the very low number of folk voting in these council elections. 'This is terrible,' they cry. 'Too many don't' care!' they wail. 'We must get more participation in our democracy,' they insist.

Have these whiners considered that people not voting are participating in democracy? That, in fact, there are many, many reasons not to care about the smiling drones whose names appear on their ballot papers? That by not returning their voting papers, binning them, or not even bothering to read them, that non-voters are casting a vote?

The vote they are casting is for None of The Above.

It is for A Plague on All Your Houses.

It is for You're All Such Sacks Of Shit That I Wouldn't Vote For One Of You If My Arse Was On Fire.

It is for You're All As Bad As Each Other So It Matters Not A Jot Who I Vote For Anyway.

It is for There Are Many More Important Things In My Life Than Wasting It On Choosing Between Several Different Kinds Of Liar.

It's a non-vote. Which is still a vote.

There are many entirely valid reasons in every election for people choosing not to fill in and return voting papers. But that's what they choose to do: not to fill out and return them. It's their choice -- and not a single cent of government money should be spent dissuading them of that choice.

Because that would be an affront to democracy.


  1. When I was in college I refused to vote in local or state elections. I knew that I was in that city and state for 4 years, and really only nominally a member of those communities. Yet my vote counted as much as that of someone who intended to live there all their lives. No one could explain why the true residents should be saddled with the consequences of my choice, consequences I would not face. That I made a moral argument baffled every one of them.

  2. I concur. I tried to generate some enthusiasm, but quickly realized it was all a waste of time.

  3. Withdrawing from it all isn't a good idea. If I hadn't voted for Winston Peters false promises in 2017 I wouldn't carry the fury I carry for him now. That fury dedicates me toward doing him as much damage to him as I can, and he deserves it,so the vote wasn't wasted. He's going next election. Out. Completely and final. Promise.


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