Thursday, 28 June 2018

QotD: "Nationalism is more absurd and more criminal than socialism" ~ Lord Acton

"The theory of [nationalism] is more absurd and more criminal than the theory of socialism ... and marks the final conflict, and therefore the end, of [these] two forces which are the worst enemies of civil freedom, - the absolute monarchy and the revolution."~ Lord Acton, concluding his essay on 'Nationality'

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  1. I bet he never spent a day in the shed or on the farm in his life.
    We the criminals will be the most enthusiatic jail inhabitants of all time. We will soon break out of course. Our borders will be unassailable and guarantee freedom from undesireables everywhere else. Entry by qualification only. The liberals can take them, and soon enough they will have beige soup brained families, despised by the diverse peoples, and struggling to get out of the mess their manifesto brought to them.


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