Wednesday, 12 April 2017

Projects, Day 2: Office/Showhome

So I told you yesterday I’d give you some idea of some of the things I’ve been working on recently that have kept me away from blogging.

This one is a small, experimental, stand-alone office and training centre for up to 15 people — that doubles as a show home (which itself is a whole other story) ...


  1. Nice but please pitch the roof. It rains in NZ - a lot. It would look good in the shade of the big trees in the cleared bit on the front of my acre section but I'd add another module to make it a rectangle.

    The valley in the earlier post looks like north of Wellington - Tawa way or perhaps east of Whitby perhaps?


  2. I'm glad the lack of updates was due to workload, not something else. It's never good when your favourite blog goes quiet.

  3. My God, your work is utter shit ...

    Please , please STOP, YOU are littering and ruining the landscape

    You have ZERO talent...Your work is utter rubbish, unlivable UGLY SHIT

  4. I only count 11 work spaces. Plus, with the semi-open design, I can only imagine this working for jobs that don't require a lot in the way of phone calls. The folks in the middle will be very short on space and privacy--not a small consideration in my world, where client confidential information is routine.

    Still, in the right company, I can see this working. I work with a subcontractor where 1/3 to 1/2 of their people are out of the office at any given time--under such conditions, this would be fantastic. Give the rotating staff the computers in the center (they don't care about privacy, they're not there often anyway).

    I would prefer at least one room with a door, though. Sometimes you really need to have a private conversation. Though it could just be my ignorance in reading these drawings.

    1. I should point out that there are cavity-sliding doors closing on the internal corners of each of the corner offices -- so rest assured that private conversations are possible.

  5. I've been missing your blogging, but glad to hear your absence is for a good cause. Your floor plan looks like a good compromise between 'open-plan' and a rabbit warren full of disconnected offices.

  6. cresswell is such a bitch ..He cannot stand the truth that his copy and paste shit is utter CRAP ROFLMFAO

  7. yeah mate. ya rooves are all on wrong angles. Check google PC. Barnyard roof, cottage roof, Mansard roof. PC roof. People like rooves that make good photos. Architecture flippancy flash is silly.

  8. Actually its ok after all I decided. Multiple level rooves. Hard for Conservatives to go with architecture . Very open plan corporate rooms though. What happens if someone starts screaming. If it was a home, would that middle room be the kitchen . More screaming . Woman what the f.. are you doing .. get in the kitchen woman and feed me now.


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