Tuesday, 28 February 2017

“The 50 greatest live jazz albums”


A good list.

Live jazz is often where music is being  invented on the spot. But as we all know, a lot of live jazz -- post-war jazz especially -- is just several hundred minutes long of reed chewing and meandering bollocks. But for the most part this list is sound, very sound: The 50 Greatest Live Jazz Albums.

These would be my own top favourites from the fifty:

  • The Koln Concert - Keith Jarrett (1975)
  • Benny Goodman Live at Carnegie Hall (1938)
  • Satchmo at Symphony Hall - Louis Armstrong (1947)
  • Stephane Grappelli at Tivoli Gardens (1979)
  • Billie Holiday at Carnegie Hall (1956)
  • The Drum Battle: Gene Krupa & Buddy Rich at JATP (1952)
  • Bird & Pres at JATP (1946)
  • Miles Davis & Thelonious Monk Live at Newport (1958/1963)
  • Jazz at Massey Hall – The Quintet (Charlie Parker, Dizzy Gillespie, Charles Mingus, Bud Powell and Max Roach) (1953)
  • Ella in Berlin – Mack The Knife (1960)
  • Duke Ellington at Newport (1956)

What are yours?



  1. You have to have some Dave Brubeck
    Jazz at the Oberlin – Dave Brubeck (1953)
    Some Birdland - maybe Birdland - Miles Davis (1951)
    But they missed the Manhatten Transfer

  2. The Oscar Peterson Trio with Ray Brown and Ed Thigpen live in Yugoslavia 1964. Reunion Blues my favourite track. And the Dave Brubeck Quartet live at Carnegie Hall. Joe Morello doing an out of this world solo in 5/4 on Castilian Drums.


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