Tuesday, 15 March 2016

Quote of the Day: On fully developing ‘human capital’


“Outside of STEM [i.e., learning Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths],
I believe work experience is a more important means of developing human
capital than is most academic coursework. But between laws against unpaid
internships, rampant occupational licensing, and minimum-wage legislation,
we are asymptotically approaching a point at which we have de-facto outlawed
work experience for young people who have not yet graduated from college.
    “The quasi-religious belief in ‘education’ then supports the shenanigans of
rent-seeking universities with bloated administrations and often delusional
professors in the humanities and soft social sciences (e.g. sociology). The
result will be increasing youth unemployment and a weak economy, all of
which will then be blamed on ‘capitalism’ by the delusional professors and
their deluded students. This leads to demands for even more anti-capitalist
regulation and more faux investments in ‘education’ which then exacerbates
the problem even further. Rinse, repeat.”

~ Michael Strong, CEO at Radical Social Entrepreneurs, Co-Founder at Kọ School + Incubator
and Chief ‘Visionary’ Officer at FLOW: Liberating the Entrepreneurial Spirit for Good

[Hat tip Stephen Hicks]


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