Thursday, 5 November 2015

Experts? They can get stuffed too

We were talking last night about what a breath of fresh air it was to see Michelle Payne’s winning grin and stroppily-infectious enthusiasm in her post-win Melbourne Cup interviews—winning the race on a nearly 100-to-1 outsider dismissed by everyone, then telling the connections who didn’t want here on the horse they should “get stuffed.”

I didn’t just love her fighting spirit. I loved re-reading the race write-ups to see what the experts had said about the winning horse’s prospects. I think my favourite was the analysis by the Herald Sun’s experts, who analysed each horse and said why they could win, and why they wouldn’t…


Nice. Prince of Penzance: “Doubt if he has the class to finish in the placings.” That should go up on  a plaque somewhere in The Hun’s offices.

Maybe put some of James Hansen’s and Paul Erlich’s predictions up there too.

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