Monday, 28 September 2015

Frank Lloyd Wright’s Taliesin in 360 degrees!


Ever visited Frank Lloyd Wright’s own former home that he built in Wisconsin and dubbed Taliesin, i.e., ‘Shining Brow’?

No, me either, yet. But now you can visit it online, in high-definition 360-degree photography, complete with commentary!

It’s not the same thing as a real visit, but it’s pretty damn good to wander about the places even visitors don’t often see.

For instance, visitors aren't allowed in the Blue Loggia. Foot traffic would damage the irreplaceable Chinese rug, So they never see the balcony above or the rug up close. The virtual visitor can.
    The tour includes immersive views inside Wright's studio, home, school and several locations on the estate grounds.
    To learn more about this tour's background, how and why similar virtual visits might benefit others, please view the
blog post.

Even better, the music accompanying the tour (which you can turn off if you choose) includes a “work song” composed by Wright and his wife, Olgivanna. So how cool is all that!

My own favourites are the view from the inner courtyard above the house, which gives you an idea why he was loathe to site a house on a hill but instead would site it around the brow, and the Blue Loggia, which gives you as much of an idea as is possible from photographs of how he liked to play with ceiling heights to manipulate space.

Head to the tour here: Frank Lloyd Wright's Taliesin, Spring Green, Wisconsin

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