Thursday, 30 April 2015

Nepali Montessori

Since the Nepal earthquakes, we’ve been asking Montessorian Susan Stephenson how the Nepali Montessori schools are that she helped set up. ( I featured a while back one she had helped set up in Bhutan, if you recall.)  She has now heard news, she says, about two schools where she has worked, including the Shree Mangel Dvip Boarding school for poor children of Tibetan origin: The children are all okay in both, say the reports, but sleeping outside…

... while the damage is great all around the area, all the children, monks and nuns are alive and safe… the damage to the upper floors of the main shrine hall of Tara Abbey is VERY EXTENSIVE and there is MAJOR DESTRUCTION internally to the main hall, the walls and paintings.
The extent of all the damage to the Abbey, School and Monastery won't be know for a while... Electric power was already a problem in Nepal, and now even more than ever communication is difficult and will take time.
    We will keep you informed with updates and status reports here and on the website and let you know what kind of help is needed.

Here is a site recommended by Susan to help:…

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