Thursday, 22 January 2015

A question for Gauleiter Brownlee

News just in from a NOT PC roving correspondent that Gerry Brownlee has ordered up 100 double-cab utes “for Christchurch earthquake recovery.”

New, not second-hand.

Double-cabs, not even your average cheap-jack big-tray ute.

Perhaps because only100 really  big utes can fill up the carparks of Gauleiter Brownlee’s failing "frame"?

The mind boggles.

Who or what will be using these?

Have they been using bicycles until now?

And who exactly is paying?

That last question, of course, is an easy one.

And  by the time the taxpayers’ bill is finally in – after liners have been fitted and logos painted on and the 100 utes transported down from Auckland and the 100 double cabs filled with all those clipboards that Brownlee’s brand of earthquake non-recovery requires -- you can rest assured your bill will be north of ten million or so.

You can thank Gerry next time you see him.


  1. Once I made an appointment with Gerry Brownlee. He shoved me out of his office as some Ngai Tahu walked in. It is almost unbelievable that the most arrogant Government we have ever seen, warned itself to be that last year. David Farrar walks the Kilimanjaro with sad knowledge. The Conservative and NZ votes were lost to the mainstream who were voting against the most absurd opposition ever put up, Cunliffe. The beaten Christchurch people voted Nat. and Nicky Wagner crowed. We won't make that mistake again in 2017 John Key , I am on your case and I mean a change of power toward a Government which is not racist, weak and corporate .

  2. I hope to see these replacing the Crown Cars fleet. It's a lot more Kiwi than those BMW's.

  3. I think the replacement Crown Cars fleet's cars should be basic-model Camrys.


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