Friday, 15 August 2014

Friday Morning Ramble: Dirty Edition

Dirty politics? A whole book illustrates the thesis by its own methods. Folk comment.
NZ POLITICS DAILY: August 14 2014 – Bryce Edwards, NBR
I’ve either been hacked or spied on – David Farrar, KIWIBLOG
Dirty Politics – David Farrar, KIWIBLOG

Hell Pizza boss calls in police over stolen emails – HERALD
Slater, Greens plan complaints after Hager revelations – OTAGO DAILY TIMES

No, no other bloggers do it.
The Left blogosphere is as pure as the driven snow – LINDSAY MITCHELL
Prentice irritated by Labour links – YOUR NZ
Left wing bloggers defend their own work – RADIO NZ [Audio: 5:12]

Unfashionable, I know, but some folk are still studying policies.
Small party priorities post election – YOUR NZ

“Last Saturday I called the other leaders in the TV3 minor party leaders debate communistic. This might seem an exaggeration but it is not.”
Whose land is it anyway? – Jamie Whyte, SCOOP

“"The leaders of NZ First, the Greens, the Conservatives and Mana-Internet have all rejected the institution of private property in favour of the collectivist ideas that prevailed in 20th century fascist and communist countries. And, since Labour also supports a ban on the sale of privately owned land to foreigners, they seem to have rejected private property too.
"This should be the big story of this election.”
The political assault on private property gathers pace – Jamie Whyte, ACT

Ya think?
11 year permit process ‘too long’ – HOME PADDOCK

“It’s about the cultural brainwashing programme that has turned every New Zealand teacher into a propaganda parrot for primitivism.
Preparing the Parrots: A Training College Graduate on the Cultural Corruption of Teachers – John Ansell, TREATYGATE

No, not every New Zealand teacher …
Applications Now Open For Ami 3-6 Diploma Course, Auckland 2015-2017 – MARIA MONTESSORI EDUCATION FOUNDATION

Once upon a time, businesses trued to build a reputation, a brand, their name, over many years. These days, they drop them all at the drop of a hat.
Bright Spark - Telecom changes name – NZ HERALD
The Assault on Integrity – OBJECTIVIST NEWSLETTER, 1963

“Queens Wharf state house seems like revenge of the artocracy, but secrecy means we know nothing about it.”
Free us from danger of plonked art – Brian Rudman, NZ HERALD

“Are we getting killed by the virus we spread?”
Modern art was CIA 'weapon' – INDEPENDENT (UK)

An important - and revolting – truth.
What Happens When Libertarian Fantasies Become Reality? – Daniel Mitchell, TOWN HALL

Greenpeace founder speaks truth. “Dispute facts, if you can.”

“If so-called “global warming” — driven by rising levels of carbon dioxide — is truly the planetary menace that the warmists claim it is, it should not be so easy to find abundant evidence that things are going in totally the opposite direction.”
The Big Chill – Deroy Murdock, NATIONAL REVIEW

Nice people, environmentalists. “Mike “The Health Ranger” Adams, founder and director of the popular health news tabloid website Natural News, recently posted an article calling for the death of scientists, journalists anybody else who has written favourably about the technology of genetic engineering.”
Policy Digest: Environmental Issues – Amanda Maxham, VOICES FOR REASON
Ecoterrorists Call for Murder of Food Scientists and Their Supporters – RATIONAL BEACON

"The achievement of the electricity entrepreneurs is one of America’s greatest success stories.”
Property Rights and the Crisis of the Electric Grid – OBJECTIVE STANDARD

“A degree appears to raise earnings in the sex industry just as it does in the wider labour market.”
The education premium for prostitutes – Tyler Cowen, MARGINAL REVOLUTION

Land of the Free?
Ferguson Unrest Raises Concerns about Militarized Police – RATIONAL BEACON

Not a sentence I thought I’d ever read. “Egypt is pretty much a news oasis in the Middle East at the moment.”
Because You Need It: A Foreign Policy News Sandwich – Amy Peikoff, NEWS SANDWICH

What cease-fire means to Hamas:


“Inequality is dampening economic growth.” Discuss.
S&P’s Fundamentally Flawed Inequality Report – Scott Winship, E21
S&P economists and inequality – John Cochrane, THE GRUMPY ECONOMIST

McCloskey H264 from Institute of Economic Affairs on Vimeo.

“Monetary central planning is failing to achieve Keynesian “escape velocity” because it has deeply impaired the engines of capitalist enterprise.”
The Financialization Of American Business: How Cheap Debt Fuels The Bubble, Not Growth – David Stockman, ZERO HEDGE

“Abenomics–the “new economic policy” in Japan is failing badly. It is a policy of inflation targeting, quantitative easing, government spending and higher taxes. Initially, it seemed to work in that the Japanese stock market rose significantly. However more recent reports find the real economy still stagnating and shrinking."
Insanonomics Failing in Japan – Mark Thornton, CIRCLE BASTIAT

“Irving Fisher fell victim to what I've called "GDP fetishism."
Great Moments in Economic Estimation – David Henderson, ECON LOG

Isn’t it wrong to relocate company headquarters to countries with lower corporate taxes?
Professor Steven Pressman’s Moral Inversion on “Tax Inversion” – Michael LaFerrara, PRINCIPLED PERSPECTIVES

“Ancient-seeming ruins from Olympics past … Greece has struggled to generate revenue from the venues.”
Ten years on, Athens 2004 gives Greece little to cheer – ARCHINECT

More Evidence Undermines the "Out of Africa" Theory of Human Evolution – io9

The product is the best there is. And the dividend isn’t bad.
Renaissance Brewing - Back a Kiwi Business on Snowball Effect – SNOWBALL EFFECT

“Robin Williams was one of many comedians who made people laugh while simultaneously struggling with a personal darkness. Are comics more prone to depression - and if so, why?”
Robin Williams and the link between comedy and depression – BBC

The practical value of philosophy: Stephen Hicks discusses its role in the wars of the twentieth century:

Jaguar has released pics of their new lightweight E-Type project. Wipe up that dribble, readers.

[Hat tip Voices for Reason, Steve Wrathall, Mark Tammett, Hilton Wayne Holder, Anoop Verma, Architizer, Gena Davidovich, Stephen Hicks, Alex Epstein, Jeff Perren Novelist, ElderOfZiyon, Heartland Institute, Jamie Baywood]

Thanks for reading.
Have a great weekend.

PS: Make mine a Renaissance Stonecutter Scotch Ale, thanks.


  1. Lynn Prentice is either a fucking liar, or we have all drastically misjudged what 'The Standard' is all about.
    I had the misfortune to meet him once, you could just tell he was aching to tell you about how wrong you were.

  2. How good to hear a political party leader stand up clearly & unequivocally for property rights, and call out the unchallenged communist attitude. If Nats really wanted to move the country forward they would too get on the front foot on this too and make it an election issue, as Doc Whyte suggests. One.can.dream.

    That Jag.. has there been a thing more beautiful seen? Has the spot between brutality & restraint been ever better found? Does it come with foldaway cupholders?


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