Wednesday, 4 September 2013

The myth of deregulation, part #124

Courtesy of AmResolution.Com, here are 12 things you could do in 1975 that you can’t do now…

  1. You could buy an airline ticket and fly without ever showing an ID
  2. You could buy cough syrup without showing an ID
  3. You could buy and sell gold coins without showing an ID
  4. You could discipline your children
  5. Your children could buy you sherry from the bottle store
  6. You could build your own house
  7. Your children could build a tree house without a permit
  8. You could pull as much cash out of your bank account as you liked without the bank filing a report with the government
  9. You could get a job without having to prove you were a NZer or have a stamp in your passport
  10. You could buy cigarettes without showing an ID
  11. You could have a phone conversation without the government knowing who called you, and why
  12. You could open a stock brokerage account without having to explain where the money came from

These are just a few of the thousands of other examples Nanny went and did while our backs were turned.

How many more can you point out?


  1. You could live with someone for three years without automatically being married to them by the state.

  2. Obviously 1975 was years before my time - years - but from what I gather;

    * Nobody in the entire country suffered from: AIDS, ADD, ADHD, depression, post traumatic stress or lactose intolerance

    * You could travel to Australia without a passport

    * You could provide goods or services to customers without having to collect gst

    * You could employ the best person for the job instead of having to fill racial and gender quotas

    * You could ride a bicycle without a helmet

    * You could get through every single day without using a computer

    * You could call a 'spade a spade' (if you so desired) without being prosecuted

    * You could go years without registering your car and no one minded

    * You could play bull rush at school

    * You could find a good tailor in Wellington (now no longer, alas)

    * You could expect the 3 R's to be taught to your children at school

    * University places were granted on at least some sort of merit

    * You could sail your yacht to Thailand to buy cannabis and get away with it because Police resources were busy dealing with 'real' crime

    * Mounts Cook and Egmont, along with Oamaru, Wanganui, Taupo (god knows where Toe Paw is), Tauranga and New Zealand itself, still had their real names.

    * Bullying in schools was (quite rightly) seen as the best way to toughen up the wimps

    * You could rent your house to whomever you wanted

    * You could tell stereotypical jokes and be greeted with laughter

  3. This place is full of wankers (hi twr!), but you really do take the big prize, Elijah. I mean, you're not even really trying are you?

  4. See, just when you get a tear in your eye thinking about what freedom was like the kind of utter, utter bastard that undid it pops up to sneer in your face.

    The Nazi's had their day and the control freaks will as well. It won't last forever and the reckoning will be great.


  5. Yep, the reckoning of the righteous libbos against the bicycle helmet lady will be truly vicious. Long live 1775 when we were free! Do you ever listen to yourself, and think "shit I'm weird?".

  6. Holden, your play-the-man strategy is tedious. You don't even address the points Elijah made, because - by and large - every one of them is correct, and you know in your neart you can't actually refute them.

    Elijah is talking about free speech and association, the right to travel without bureaucratic interference, decent education standards in public schools and the right to do silly things as long as other people weren't harmed by your actions.

    Obviously you have issued with all of the above. I pity you.

    As for 1775, what the fuck are you on about?

  7. Holden, are you aware that since the Nanny State bicycle helmet law was passed, there are now fewer cyclists on the roads?

    [Typo in third paragraph of previous post: 'issued' should read 'issues'.]

  8. Elijah feels oppressed because he falsely thinks his "right" to be a racist, homophobic fuckwitted bully has been taken away (t obviously hasn't, he's exercising it here). He harks back to the libbo golden age of 1975 when 700 people got killed on the roads, for example. He's a dick.

    "Holden, are you aware that since the Nanny State bicycle helmet law was passed, there are now fewer cyclists on the roads?"

    And? Use your mind now, and apply reason as your highest standard.

  9. Clearly the right to be a fuckwit is still alive and well Judge, but I thought your right to show what a cunt you were here was removed months ago. You're like the kid at school who was a bit retarded and stunk but hung around everyone else no matter how often he got told to piss off because he didn't have any friends elsewhere.

  10. ..his "right" to be a racist, homophobic fuckwitted bully..

    Oh Holden - do not give up your day job; I am presuming your occupation is a 'fact checker', perhaps for a newspaper or politician?

    1. I am gay (so not as homophobic as all that)

    2. I am in a Civil Union with a Maori (if we HAVE to label people) - and soon to be married at Labour Weekend

    3. The only person I bullied at school I employed, a decade later, in my office as an apology.
    Some of us are such 'fuckwits' we actually take responsibility for the actions which play on our conscience and we are ashamed of.


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