Monday, 2 September 2013

So what did National do about Nanny State then?

You’ll remember back when the Nats were in opposition, they made a meal out of Helen Clark’s Nanny State

Looking back at the old poster we did for The Free Radical magazine back in 2007, you can only thank goodness they’ve done so much since then to remove all the nannying.[FREE_RADICAL-Nanny_State_Berserk_Poster.jpg]

And they haven’t done any new nannying, have they. None at all. Well, apart from siccing their spies onto us, and talking up fatty food bans, and transforming cities with no-drinking zones, and trying to make legal highs illegal, and trying to make alcohol more difficult to buy and sell, and raising taxes on smokers and drinkers, and adding new taxes on emissions, and talking about taxing plastic bags, and banning D.I.Y building, and outlawing freedom camping, and prohibiting texting while driving …

Apart from that, they’ve kept their word, haven’t they. They’ve told Nanny to go to hell, haven’t they. They’ve beaten Nanny back, haven’t they.

Haven’t they?


  1. the drunken watchman2 Sep 2013, 15:40:00

    haha, you havent seen anything yet.

    Place I work, the safety guy told me the other day "I love this job -it is really setting me up for later. HSE will be moving into small businesses next, and they will need lots of JSA inspectors like me(job safety analysis)".

    I go for a piss-take "So the dairy farmer might need to do a JSA, for example, to milk his cows?"

    Yes, that's exactly right, said the safety guy. Brimming with excitement. Problem is, he wasn't kidding, and he hadnt thought I was kidding either.

    Yep, there will be (JM) Journey Management for a trip out the back on the quad bike to shut a gate,and it will be monitored by GPS. And there will be a camera in the mrs' kitchen in the meantime to make sure she's wearing her safety glasses so she doesn't splash bacon fat in her eye.

    (yeah yeah, yawn, I know I am paranoid, so the usual suspects can save their breath)

  2. Nelson Cr Kate Fulton wants all private residence to be more visible to passers by. She doesn't think people should be hiding away from society. We know who the passers by will be, council snoops, who will be able to spy more easily on the local citizens

  3. Everyone is very fortunate for several reasons -

    1. In 2007 the Free Radical warned everybody about the National party

    2. Everybody heeded that warning, looked down at their ballot paper and ticked the Libertarianz box.

    3. By doing so everybody has a right to complain about nanny state.

    4. Oh! hang on...


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