Wednesday, 26 June 2013

Obama jumps the warmist shark [updated]

Obama jumps the sharkWith most US businesses still struggling to make a profit, the US economy struggles to fire. So Obama has chosen to pour more cold water on the still weak and sporadic flames.

With the globe simply failing to do what the global warming models say it will, the global warming “science” has arrived at a failed dead end. So he’s declared the debate over the science “obsolete.” (That’ll do it.)

And so called “green jobs” have been costing the US taxpayer up to $2 million per job in subsidies. So he’s elected to “create” many more.

He calls it his Climate Action Plan of June 25 2013This can’t fail to end badly.

(Is he really this desperate to get Edward Snowden off the front pages?)

[Cartoon is Blunt, by Knutz]


  1. He is a complete fool (and so are his advisors).
    *Honestly* - I think that an intelligent 15-year-old could do better than he is at running the country.

    He has global "warming" wrong.

    He has arms to Syria wrong.

    He has economic policy wrong.

    He has welfare policy wrong (benefit numbers have increased hugely).

    He has immigration policy wrong (flooding the US with Muslims).

    The guy is a disaster-zone.

  2. Objectivists: battling reality since Ayn Rand died of smoking.

  3. Judge Holden : Lying and being an annoying wanker since well before being banned from this blog.

  4. Nice retort 'Judge', I don't agree with everything that's said here, but if I was going to make a comment I'd at least try and construct an argument.



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