Thursday, 15 April 2010

“Pompous fart” faces jail time

doughos_300x2001_thumb[2] Since the announcement the other day that former Minister in Charge of Treaty Capitulations Douglas Montrose Graham, KBE, KCMG, LOMBARD faces charges and fines for alleged indiscretions in his directorship of a failed finance company, leaving around 4000 investors around $127 million worse off, the Securities Commission have now preferred criminal charges against him and his fellow directors, who now face potential five-year jail terms.

As I said other day, I can think of few people who would deserve it more.

Perhaps it’s time to recycle a song we used to sing in his honour from out of The Great Libertarianz Song Book, sung to the tune of ‘How Great Thou Art’ . . .  (here’s the original, sung by the late Horrid MaoriSong). The revised lyrics begin thus:

Oh Lord Montrose,
When I look back at all your blunders,
Consider all, the taxpayer’s done for you…

Before heading to this lusty chorus:

Oh, you’re corrupt,
Your thieving knows no end.
Where do we start?
You pompous fart.

Never could lyrics have been more appropriate.

I must dig out one of those Song Books to get the full lyrics. Since I suspect we’ll be singing it many times over the next few months, I’d hate to get any of them wrong.


  1. Couldn't have happened to a nicer guy. This, along with Barry Curtis's house falling into the sea at Half Moon Bay, is karma at its' best. Or the the work of the lord, if that is your schtick ;-)

  2. You are all heart Peter ! :)
    But yes, he reminds me of those snobby old school Tories who get their positions through an accident of birth.
    He was a pompous twat wasn't he?

  3. Maybe this is a good time to point out that not only is this fucker (allegedly) a thieving cunt - but he was also largely responsible for destroying the social cohesion of our country by giving it more or less wholesale in huge chunks to the Maoris.

    This asslicking and theft is still taking place under the latest bunch of National Socialist bastards. We never learn do we?

  4. .... oh sorry. I have just realised that I made a mistake in not following your comments guidelines above.

    Although my comment was extremely intelligent (!), my assessment of this useless venal turd's character and actions was not terribly polite.

    My apologies. But really.... how can one be polite about this lowlife scum?

  5. Ruth, there is no email contact available on your site. I fancy dating you, since you mentioned here on this blog last week that you're hot and rich. I am keen to get a ride with you in your Mercedes Kompressor, but if you prefer me to drive you, then that's something doable. You'll definitely get excited if I am the driver, driving around in a windy road.

    I specialize in satisfying a woman’s desires. I am not joking here, since I've got a PhD in women studies.

  6. Barry's house didn't fall into the sea Ruth. There was stability problems. And it isn't at Half Moon Bay. It's miles along past the entry to Musick Point and up.

    Get your facts right, even on corrupt idiots.

  7. I believe Curtis has had to vacate the premises - a victim of his own ridiculous regulations. And Half Moon Bay/Musick Point - don't be a pedant. BTW how is the DOW going? Booming, just as I said it would over a year ago, if I recall. Your financial calls (along with most Objectivists I might add),have been 100% wrong. I think my DOW 12,000 bet at Objectivist Living is looking very good.

  8. Ruth

    Dow is losing ground in real terms. Dow isn't matching inflation. Comodities have done much better. Stick with them and you'll be well ahead.



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