Tuesday, 14 November 2006

Medal for gun dealer, not court

Auckland gun dealer Greg Carvell should be applauded, not charged, for defending himself and his co-workers from the idiot who brought a machete to a gun-shop. Libertarianz Firearms deregulation spokesman Peter Linton agrees:
"Auckland Gun Dealer Greg Carvell should be applauded for his actions in defending himself from a machete wielding aggressor in his shop last July," says Peter Linton, Libertarianz Firearms Spokesman. "It's disgusting that the police are charging Carvell with 'possessing a firearm without lawful, proper or sufficient purposes'."

"It is perfectly reasonable for Carvell, or any other responsible New Zealander, to possess a firearm for self-defence. The right to defend oneself and one's loved ones must not be attacked, Linton explains. "This is a ridiculous charge against a law-abiding New Zealand citizen who should be given a medal. Why are the Police putting criminals before their victims?
Good question. Perhaps, as a colleague says, they're trying to turn gun shops into safe work environments for criminals? If more of us were armed and willing to defend ourselves then perhaps more criminals would end up in hospital instead of their victims -- victims such as the poor Dutch couple savaged over the weekend by animals in human clothing.

Unfortunately, however, the New Zealand police believe they have more right to defend themselves and their property than the average NZ citizen...

I urge readers to e-mail Police Minister Annette King - annette.king@parliament.govt.nz - and express your outrage at this decision.

UPDATE: Good comment on this from the Crusader Rabbit: Non-negotiable right.

LINK: Gun dealer should be applauded, not charged - Peter Linton, Libertarianz

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leelion said...

Government knows best. Let recidivist criminals out to reoffend and proscecute the innocent - works well.

Anonymous said...

As usual, the police have gone for the easy target. Greg Carvell will now lose big regardless of the verdict as he will face crippling legal bills. No wonder the public image of the police is so dismal.

Rebel Radius said...

Sounds surreal, to charge a fire arm dealer with possession of a fire arm.

Peter Cresswell said...

"Let recidivist criminals out to re-offend and prosecute the innocent"
"No wonder the public image of the police is so dismal."

Precisely. [Sigh.]

There's still so much work to be done to change the culture, isn't there.

Peter Cresswell said...

"Sounds surreal, to charge a fire arm dealer with possession of a fire arm."

Welcome to New Zealand, 2006.

KG said...

The right to self defence is about as fundamental as it gets. Regardless of anything our rulers may decide every human has that right and for politicians to strip citizens of it is an act of totalitarian bastardy.
The police are equally to blame--no matter what lame excuses they may make. "it's the law" is pure bullshit. It's the law, but "not in the public interest" to prosecute when it suits them, ie when their political masters may be displeased.
The ordinary law-abiding citizen is no more than a victim-in-waiting these days because the government has broken its contract with the people--in return for disarming them there's an implied contract to protect us via the police.
Which they can't do, of course.
When this subject comes up in conversation (which isn't often--most Kiwis skirt very carefully around it, preferring to ignore the very real threat to their safety) my suggestions is always this:
ignore what the law says and take whatever measures are necessary to protect yourself and your loved ones.
The right and the obligation to do this is more fundamental and more important than any laws made by mere politicians.

KG said...

I just put up a post about this on my blog--it deserves as much publicity as possible.

Anonymous said...

I was very annoyed when I heard they were charging him for "unlawful possession and use of a firearm". It's unlawful to protect yourself anf your property now? At least with a gun anyway. Oh, and dogs (remember dogs get put down and you get fined if someone breaks into your house and the dog attacks them). Oh, and you can get charged with assault for attacking someone who breaks into your house. All of these are retalatory use of force, not initiation of it, and as such are moral. But no the NZ government, police, and courts feel otherwise.

"Animals in human clothing" is good wording to describe the people that attacked the honeymooning dutch couple.

Rebel, it is indeed sureal.

PC, welcome to 2006 indeed. Here is my 5 cents worth (oh no wait 10 cents now that 5 cents isn't legal tender): Freedom in NZ, RIP 2006, a beautiful thing killed by the Labour Party before it reached it's prime.

kg, you have it right sadly. I'd rather be alive and in jail than killed by an irrational and immoral idiot. Of course I'd much prefer to protect myself and to be allowed to get away with it and be allowed to be allowed to continue to live my life my way.

The governments only moral duty is to protect us from physical force and to act as a mediator in contractual disputes.

I will put it on my blog as well. As kg said it needs as much publicity as possible.

Kane Bunce said...

I have added it to my blog, Capitalist Writer. Please view the article and leave comments. If I get comments I will start doing more posts, and believe me I have plenty of worthwhile things to say. And as I am sure Pc will attest to, Labour will keep providing me with more things to comment on.

Anonymous said...

Why dont our politicians be charged - Charged with Treason or waging war on ordinary kiwis? Threatening somebody with a gulag just for excising a basic human right such as self defence is in itself a criminal offence and the political pigs that create and enforce this law should be SEVERELY AND DIRELY punished!!!!