Wednesday, 21 September 2022

"Advertising in the year 2022 is more Pavlovian than utopian."

"I’m not surprised that some of the more powerful brands of the last 30 years (Starbucks, Amazon, etc.) managed to rise to dominance while spending almost nothing on TV commercials.
    "I would urge you to consider the especially revealing case of the company that sells the most ads (Google). This marketing behemoth waited more than a decade before launching even a single TV ad campaign for its own services.
    "The bosses at Google are no fools—they understand the value of advertising better than anyone. That’s why they prefer to sell it than buy it.
    "And then ask yourself: When was the last time you saw an ad agency buy a TV ad for its own business? They have the money to do it, but won’t. Maybe they know something we don’t....
    "A dvertising in the year 2022 doesn’t hypnotise us. It doesn’t stir up our desires. What it actually does is. . . . bore us
    "Endlessly. Shamelessly. It annoys us. It irritates us. We would skip it if we could.... 
    "The bottom line: Advertising in the year 2022 is more Pavlovian than utopian. More a punishment for the masses than a guide to the elites. More an annoyance than a compass for our desires."
~ Ted Gioia, from his post 'YouTube May Force You to Watch 10 (or More) Unskippable Ads in a Row'

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