Thursday, 25 August 2022

'Owning the Libs' by shooting yourself in both feet

"I like the term 'spite' here: It is a near-perfect characterisation of the naive emotionalism/blind rebellion against the Democrats that seems to have swallowed the [U.S. Republican Party] since Trump arrived on the scene to 'own the libs' (but not defeat them).
    "Will the [Republican Party] merely be content to 'own the libs' (by nominating Trump) -- or will it get past the childish, second-handed desire to get a reaction from the left. Will the GOP wake up in time to find someone who cares enough to understand what America is actually about, and methodically approach the problem of bringing back liberty and prosperity? Ron DeSantis may or may not be that man, but Donald Trump clearly isn't."

          ~ Gus Van Horn, from his post 'Will Spite Cost GOP in 2024'

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