Wednesday, 11 August 2021

"...the market is simply responding to the signals that the Government is sending it." [UPDATED]

"As has happened before, [Energy Minister Megan] Woods blamed the issue [of Monday night's electricity blackouts] on commercial decisions by private companies. That does not get us very far. Of course companies make commercial decisions.
    "Between the decision to rip up the rules on the gas market, to the difficulty consenting renewables projects, to the threat to build hydro storage at Lake Onslow, the market is simply responding to the signals that the Government is sending it."

~ Hamish Rutherford: 'Genesis Energy's decisions deserve scrutiny, but power problems far from a surprise'


  • "Anything persistently busted is not the result of stupidity, it is the result of bad incentives. The story of the FDA in Covid is a good place to start...." ~ John Cochrane: 'Adumbrations of FDA'
  • "No power, again. I was reminded yesterday of that great line from the film The Castle, that "power lines are a reminder of man's ability to generate electricity. Well, they weren't yesterday around New Zealand's largest city, were they?" ~ NOT PC, 2006: 'No Power, Again'
  • "... if I may continue a well-worn theme of previous posts over several years (No Power; No power, again; Still No Power; 'More power!' says India. 'No power,' says NZ; Power outrage ) and remind you of several famous power outages (such as Auckland 1998, 2006, 2009 … ) this news and that conclusion above simply confirms what should have been obvious years ago: in this country the lifeblood of production, energy, is running out. Not because New Zealand is short of resources with which to produce energy. But because politicians and earth-first worshippers have declared we are not allowed to use them. We are essentially enfeebling ourselves." ~ NOT PC, 2012, 'Definitely no power'


Tom Hunter said...

It would be good if you published updated charts from your 2008 post, Meet the enfeebled, Part 2, to cover the period of 1980-2020 in energy demand and supply.

Mind you, since you got those from the Ministry of Economic Development and EnergyLink I suppose I should stop being a lazy bastard and go find them myself. :)

The great pity of all this is that nobody is listening for over twenty years now.

Peter Cresswell said...

Aye, you're right, I'd like to, but unfortunately I ran out of time. And the pity of it is, no-one would be listening anyway.
But feel free to plagiarise my post with updated data, if you want to write an update over at yours? And I could steal it back once you've posted it there?