Tuesday, 3 July 2018

QotD: Jordan Peterson et al on inequality, the soul, and how to organise your bookshelf

@jordanbpeterson: "I don't think that you can generate wealth without generating inequality."
@yaronbrook: "Inequality is a feature of freedom, not a bug."
~ exchange from the discussion at #OCON2018 between Jordan Peterson, Dave Rubin, Yaron Brook & Greg Salmieri on Philosophy and the Soul [VIDEO HERE]


  1. Love these guys. The rise of the intellectual dark web, as I have heard it coined, has been great to see, especially as the mainstream media has devolved into a ranting maniac on the street corner that nobody listens to.

  2. Inequality is good, featuring: a bunch of privileged white guys. OK. At least Peterson admits when he's wrong.


  3. It's great to see an increasing broad grouping of different intellectuals uniting in their opposition to the leftist/politically correct/identity politics/social justice warrior narrative that threatens free speech - and able to talk civilly with each other rather than fragmenting into schisms. It's great to see Objectivism maturing beyond those schisms too.


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