Tuesday, 11 August 2015


The flag? No, I just don’t care at all, just as long as NZ’s flag doesn’t get confused for Al Qaeda’s.

Nice diversion though, isn’t it.

PS: No surprise however to see the 40 selected by the official “flag consideration panel” as being “mediocre.” I feel obliged to mention architect Frank Lloyd Wright’s observation about the winners of architecture competitions:

He never went in for competitions because the people who judged competitions shouldn't be judging competitions; they should be building themselves, so they were only average architects. And people who went in for competitions ought to be winning commissions, so they were average architects, and so on. [So] the winner of a competition is the average of an average of an average.

“Average” seems a very kind description for some of the 40 that have been selected.

UPDATE: Mind you, I confess to a quiet affection for Ben Amor’s suggestion:

I actually like secret option 41; "let's spend that $40m on something else."

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