Monday, 27 July 2015

IRD sick leave

The Herald reports:

Inland Revenue Department staff are being hauled before their manager if they have even one day off ill, as the tax agency grapples with its high level of sick leave.
The meetings, dubbed “welcome back conversations”, are part of a new initiative – Supporting Positive Attendance – introduced after the IRD noticed skyrocketing rates of staff taking sickies.

Frankly, I have to ask why they’re reporting skyrocketing rates of IRD staff taking sickies as a bad thing!?

What, I wonder, would be the biggest problem if Inland Revenue Department staff had, say, 365 days per year off ill?



  1. I'd suggest that anyone wanting to work for IRD are by nature sick bastards anyway - Suzuki

  2. And you keep saying there's no God who is righteous and gets even.



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