Thursday, 12 February 2015

Calling all Wellington liberty lovers

Here’s message for all Wellington liberty lovers. Yes, yes, I know it’s addressed as a message for students. But if you’re in Wellington and you’re not a student, then just throw money …

Hi All
    I'm sending this message to you because I believe you may be interested in the Students for Liberty movement (SFL), and potentially supporting it here in New Zealand.
    The reason I'm writing to you is to alert you of several facts. Firstly, we've just created our own Wellington group. Wellington Students for Liberty, which is part of the our regional group, Australia and New Zealand Students for Liberty.
    Secondly, we're looking for leaders, and people interested in joining up with a friendly movement of libertarians in a network that is designed to further promote liberty on a world wide basis. This is a group of people SFL puts allot of work into, offering training, resources, and support from regional groups. We're looking to try and get SFL groups running in all of our universities in New Zealand, with active meetings (Including our own regional conference), and regular meetups.
    Finally, even if you are no longer at university, or don't have the time, I'd still love to be in touch with you! SFL is all about creating a dynamic and ongoing movement to liberty, and you should be considered to be invited to partake in all events organised by us. Our regional organisation is in the process of forming Alumni chapters, so please also get in contact if your interested in making your own headway with a dynamic and friendly libertarian network! There's always plenty of work that can be done to turn New Zealand into a free society .
    We have a number of events planned in the coming weeks!

  • A Liberty on the Rocks event: a social gathering of all our members in a light-hearted format at a bar, for networking of all kinds of ages. [Bar sounds good; date would be even better. - Ed]
  • We're at Wellington's LGBT pride celebration, Out at the Park this Saturday, running a stall (We're handing out badges and other goodies!)
  • We'll be at Victoria Universities Clubs week, and active there on campus all year round.

If you have any further question's, or if you'd just like to talk as a friend, feel free to get back to me or any of our other leaders.
    Aidan Carter
    Vice - Chair ANZSFL
    Wellington Students for Liberty (wSFL)

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  1. Good for you Aidan & co. Get behind these guys you lot.



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