Wednesday, 10 September 2014

This is not satire

No, honest, this really and truly is true. See, no joke, from the Herald:


$9 million of your money to develop a game development fund. To give to game developers.

Plus another $3 million over three years for something called a “government chief technology advisor.”

If this were truly satire, I’d be stuck coming up with a worthwhile punchline…


  1. This would be the result of panic amongst the greens as some of their vote is siphoned off to internet mana.

  2. The money wouldnt be for something like Pixel gun or plague inc but for something incredibility lame like Harmony Build. You create a society where everyone shares resources equally and everyone works for the collective benefit of the community.

    After the game is released there will be more funding for the Gulag patch update.

  3. I am hoping they can develop initiatives that also defy the laws of gravity for socialists. Somebody really should do something.

  4. Well said Shane :)

  5. "...and everyone works for the collective benefit of the community."

    Typical Greens - its too late. North Korea has copyrighted this misery already.

  6. Probably a slightly better idea than subsidising movie production for foreign corporations.


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