Monday, 3 February 2014

Just thought you should know

This announcement will affect some of you more than others:

For immediate release
Libertarianz Party

Libz Announce Deregistration

Libertarianz leader Dr Richard McGrath today confirmed that the Electoral Commission had last week deregistered the party at its own request.

"Senior party members had been discussing for several months how we might get more bang for our buck, and it was decided to continue as a ginger group and/or think tank rather than as a registered political party… The Libertarianz Party is realistic, and accepts the enormous difficulty faced by a party operating on limited finances and without a high profile figurehead to win an electorate seat or 5% of the party vote. The bar is set almost impossibly high for fringe parties such as ours, so we have to look at other ways to influence the political process."

"It's a real pity in some ways that we are ceasing our registration, as I continue to receive emails from people wanting to join the party, and we still have a war chest of several thousand dollars."

Mr McGrath said Libertarianz members would continue to be involved in political debate… "We will continue to be available to the media for comment, and will endorse candidates at elections who we believe adequately champion the libertarian ideals of limited government, personal freedom and individual responsibility."

Mr McGrath added that Jamie Whyte's rise to the ACT leadership was an exciting move, and he was hopeful Mr Whyte would be able to more clearly articulate what he called the "radical capitalism" of ACT's early days. "It was their deviation from core principles that was the major catalyst for the formation of the Libertarianz Party."

"Some Libertarianz members will decide to stand for, or become activists for, other parties. That is fine by me; all I ask is that they remain true to the tenets of classical liberalism. There will undoubtedly be individuals and parties better poised than ours to market libertarian ideas in Parliament."

"At this point I would like to sincerely thank those who helped set up the Libertarianz Party, who stood as candidates, who assisted with election campaigns and all those who voted for us. Over the years it has become obvious that registered party status was not going to be a successful approach for the people involved in libertarian politics in this country. We re now moving on from that. Watch this space!"


Richard McGrath
Libertarianz Party Leader

Here’s Graham Brazier and his Legionnaires…


  1. When Doc McGrath told me about this before Christmas I was numb for a couple of weeks and view it as a very sad announcement.

    Paul Goldsmith MP wrote this in one of his books the following -

    Socialist game plan -

    1. Promise everything to everyone to get elected
    2. Put as many people as possible on the State payroll (benefits, WFF, pensions, employees etc)
    3. Constantly attack the 'right' as cruel and heartless for wanting to end the livelihoods of tens of thousands of people
    4. The 'right' get sick of losing elections....and simply give up

    (Putting to one side whether "right" is the correct term - does this remind you of anything?)

    However, I think this Whyte chappie seems okay.

    I hadn't even heard of him until Doc McGrath told me about him - and is certainly impressive in the speeches on of his I have seen - and I hope he succeeds in providing a libertarian(ish) voice in Parliament in November, but my days of voting at general elections are over.

  2. The Libertarianz party has contributed enormously to an understanding of individual rights and liberty in this country. In that respect it has been very successful and this was a key objective when the party was created. Remember that when the party was formed, the word “libertarian” was unknown by many. How the world has changed!

    Since the party was founded the internet has become central to our lives allowing ideas to be shared quickly and easily. Further, other projects have sprung up which offer even better ways of promoting our ideas. So as Richard says, watch this space...

  3. Thanks Richard, PC, Secretary Palmer & those others that have worked nefariously in the background to give NZ a non-socialist liberty option to think about & vote for over the years. Those efforts annoyed alot of people - I saw that first hand. It's a realistic decision; look forward to the new developments.

  4. Julian's right. This announcement isn't one of defeat, but a notice that efforts are being redirected in many more exciting and fruitful directions than simple placard-waving.

  5. Part of the problem was that Libz was campaigning in politics to get rid of politics, and I found potential voters were people who just wanted to be left alone, & didn't want to get involved.

    I never considered Libz a waste of time thou, it always stood on it's principles, unlike another party that occasionally wavered around like a drunk.

    When I campaigned a few years back, I got favourable press, got people thinking, and got the fingers from Jordan Carter (a commie), so I know I made a positive contribution for us all, if only in a small way.

    I applaud the decision that Libz have made. It's the right thing to do, & it free's up resources to work towards a better NZ more effectively.

    B. Whitehead

  6. Nobody left to vote for now though is there. Let's hope the "alternatives" offer the kind of clout a political party, even a small one, can command in the mindset of the population.

  7. The New Freeland Constitution had close to zero chance of implementation; now it is definitely zero. National C/w Maori parties keep infringing on liberties and the other lot will be even worse. And there is nowhere really to immigrate to, that would be any better. So it's a pox on all their houses.
    Many thanks and much admiration for efforts over 18 years

  8. I'm sorry to hear this, PC. I don't think this comes as a huge surprise, given the Libertarianz' low polling and electorate support.... but its sad nevertheless. As one of the elite group (of 1400 or so) of Libertarianz voters last time around, I'll miss you.

    Cheers - Dave Mann

  9. Dave - thanks for your votes in the past. And remember everyone, there is nothing stopping us from standing as 'Independent Libertarians' in the electorate races later this year if there is no decent alternative... we just won't be able to contest the party vote. No great loss, as we always did better in the electorate contests.

  10. Is disappointing to see Libz is deregistered (I remember seeing Libz on Campus at UoA, I probably was one of the first to join up), but the timing is perfect to join ACT now that Jamie Whyte and David Seymour are at the front of them! Two clearly committed libertarians.

  11. Fuck fuck fuck
    I want an entity that holds a contract between two people as the highest document.
    It’s a club where anyone who wants to have uncontracted relations with me, my children and descendents; ie socialists of both wings, has to fuck fuck fuck off or face consequences.
    I want shit stirring.
    It’s easy.
    It’s fun. Let’s have a party dammit.
    J Cuttance.


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