Tuesday, 10 December 2013

"Money for Nothing: Inside the Federal Reserve”

The Federal Reserve, not the free market, caused the Global Monetary Crisis says Money for Nothing filmmaker Jim Bruce.

“I view one of the big myths of the [2007-08 financial] crisis as that it was purely the effect of free markets, that this is what happens when you have free markets," says Jim Bruce, filmmaker behind the new documentary "Money for Nothing: Inside the Federal Reserve."
predicted the meltdown, invested accordingly, and used the money he made from the collapse to fund his movie, which features interviews with economists who predicted the crisis, as well as former and current Federal Reserve officials such as Paul Volcker and future Fed Chair Janet Yellen.

Buy, watch, download the film here. And the Discussion Guide here.

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  1. I purchased the doco. Excellent viewing. It is a high quality production.


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