Tuesday, 3 December 2013

Cop says “no” to War on Drugs

Retired cop Peter Christ comprehensively demolishes the arguments for the War on Drugs. A commenter counts down the highlights, including…

… a very honest answer to a commonly asked drug question at 0:54 , the easiest question to answer about the War on Drugs at 4:48 , the complete destruction of the biggest argument anti-drug advocates use at 7:23 , using the Bible to prove the ineffectiveness of prohibition at 13:55 [yes, true], and a rapid-fire debunking of several myths all in one breath at 14:20. If you have to leave right now, just skip to 5:58 for the thesis statement in a single sentence.

Think about it.


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  2. He is a brave man to admit this. Funny how these guys won't say boo to a mouse until they retire though. Probably that takes too much bravery to be expected.


  3. It's not uncommon to hear cops in the U.S opine against the war on drugs, there is an association of them organized to lobby against it.

    You can see the tide slowly turning as more states decriminalize dope, but it's a very uphill battle in a system where money speaks so loudly and so much is spent capturing regulation.


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